About Us

Why TDS Logistics?

Customer Service

Our customer service team is the first thing that sets us apart. With an in depth knowledge of port terminal operations, drayage carrier operations, and personal relationships with most of our contracted carriers, we have an extreme level of visibility and operational control, unparalleled in the industry. Have a problem with one of your shipments? Our customer service team has your solution, period.

Transportation Management

Our state of the art TMS system organizes and continually tracks all of our freight. It automatically traces container availability at all LA/LGB terminals multiple times daily. Its EDI capabilities make data entry quick and efficient and make updating your in-house system automatic, accurate and immediate. It’s reporting capabilities will get you all of the information you need, organized the way you need, and right when you need it. It is custom tailored to our designated requirements and is truly the tip-top of the industry.

Warehouse Management

Our WMS tracks freight from the moment it hits our dock until it is delivered safely to the consignee and keeps consolidation and de-consolidation operations on our cross-dock smooth and efficient. With full shopping cart integrations to any any online storefront, integrations to most in-house inventory management systems, and various points of reporting, our seamless flow of information allows your freight to move through the supply chain with ease.

TDS Logistics was formed to provide a reliable and dynamic option to combat the lack of reliable drayage capacity servicing the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We formed as a professional bridge between the local small carriers that we rub shoulders with every day and the logistics professionals around the world searching for reliable and affordable service. The personal relationships we have with our contracted motor carriers allow us to often hold rates lower than one could find approaching carriers directly and enable us to provide great service options, not only for shippers and freight forwarders, but for co-brokers as well.

By vetting the top local carriers and combining or distributing their capacity, we are able to service any account, large or small, any time, peak-season - valley-season - whatever season, with an extreme level of flexibility and reliability. The majority of the motor carriers we hold contracts with are EDI integrated to our TMS system, allowing for up-to-the-minute accurate tracking information on shipments at all times.

Our management team consists entirely of experienced executives from various drayage carriers and freight forwarders. We know the LA/LGB port terminals like the back of our hands because we’ve been working with them for most of our lives. When our competitors are lost, our experience reveals us the solution.